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BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Leftover cards I had made for another game


GRAMMAR: 'Which' Question

EXAMPLE: Which do you want, A or B?

DATE ADDED: May 07, 2009


                          Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


05-10 min.

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Brief Outline: Hoshi means want in Japanese. This is a relay game that has students asking and answering the question, "Which do you want, A or B?"


Materials Needed:

  • Picture cards (not included): I used animals, but you can use anything you want, 1 card for each student and 2 cards for each teacher.


Detailed Explanation:

  1. Divide the class into two teams, JTE vs. ALT.
  2. Each student gets ONE card. The JTE and the ALT each get 2 cards.
  3. Demonstrate with the JTE (one of you should have 2 cards and the other just 1).
    • ALT: "Which do you want, the cat or the dog?" (show both cards)
    • JTE: "The dog, please."
    • ALT: (hand the dog card over)
    • JTE: (turns to imaginary person or an actual student) "Which do you want, the dog or the cow?"
    • Student: "The cow, please."
    • JTE: (hand the cow card over)
  4. Everyone stands up.
  5. The JTE/ALT will start off each team by asking the target question and showing both cards to the first student.
  6. The first student will answer using the model. The JTE/ALT will hand over the appropriate card.
  7. The first student turns to the second student and asks the target question and shows both cards.
  8. The second student will answer using the model. The first student will hand over the appropriate card.
  9. Repeat until the last student has answered and received a second card. At this point, all the other students should be back to only having one card.
  10. The last student must run up to the teacher for his/her team and ask the target question, showing both cards.
  11. The JTE/ALT answers and the last student hands over the appropriate card. End of game.
  12. First team to finish can sit down.
  13. Switch teachers/students/cards and play as many times as you like.



  • You can try using actual objects like pencils, pens, erasers, textbooks, etc. (just have each student choose one of their own school supplies to use).



  • Make sure each student asks and answers completely. Students will be tempted to simply ask "Which do you want?" and to give one-word answers like, "dog."
  • If you use categories like animals, colors, fruit, etc. be sure to first review the words by blowing up the picture cards and going through them as a class.

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