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GRAMMAR: Reduced Relative Clause

EXAMPLE: The man standing over there is my father.

DATE ADDED: Sep 11, 2008


                          Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


35-50 min.

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Brief Outline: This three-part activity starts with students listening to a dialogue between the JTE and ALT. Then, they play Bingo and finish off with a writing exercise.


Materials Needed:

  • WhosDoingWhat worksheet: Most of the names used in this game are characters from Total English series. There are two ways to use the worksheet:
    • Version1: Make a few versions of the worksheet, so some students know who some characters are and some don’t.
    • Version2: Give each student a character card, so they will know who one of the characters is and have to find out who the other 14 are.


Detailed Explanation:

  1. Listening exercise: Read the dialogue with the JTE. Students are to fill in the correct person’s names next to the picture.  Check the answers with the students (ask the students, “who is ~” and students should answer using the grammar point).
  2. Interview Bingo: Like the listening exercise, students will ask each other “who is ~?” and if the person knows, then he/ she will say, “He is Takahiro” or in a more complex sentence, “The man standing is Takahiro.” Otherwise s/he will say, “Sorry, I don’t know.” To complete the activity, students need to get all bingo (fill out all the squares).
  3. Writing: If there is time left, have students write four sentences based on the answers they got from bingo.


Teaching Suggestions:

  • It is inevitable that students may cheat and just copy off from their friends. The main goal is for students to practice speaking English so it would be a good idea for teachers to hold onto a few of the characters’ names. This way, students will have to ask teachers in order to complete the task.

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