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SUBMITTED BY: Jeff Maeshiro


GRAMMAR: Future Tense Verb

EXAMPLE: Will you eat crap tomorrow?

DATE ADDED: Jul 01, 2009


                            Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.


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Brief Outline: This is a very basic, quick and easy "Will you ~?" interview game.


Materials Needed:


Detailed Explanation:

  1. Ask students to write their name, class and date on the worksheet.
  2. Explain that this interview game is searching for real answers; they only answer 'yes' if they are really going to do these things tomorrow and 'no' if not. If they answer 'yes', they circle "yes" and write their friend`s name on the line. If they answer 'no', they circle "no" and still write their friend`s name on the line. After practicing the questions and answers by repeating after you and asking if there are any questions, give them "4 minutes" to write nine friend`s names on their prints, half boys and half girls. After giving them enough time, tell them to sit down.
  3. Finally, have them look at the backside. Here, they will write four sentences about their friends, two 'yes' and two 'no' answers. Walk around to check their work.


Teaching Suggestions:

  • This particular print was developed for fairly naughty students in an area near Chiba City. Please replace Chiba with anywhere near you that your students would likely go. Also, the questions are plainly written out so that these slightly lower level students would practice the interview without having to think too hard. Your students may be higher level, in which case I suggest altering what is written in the boxes to make them work a bit harder. If your students are completely uncontrollable and you feel they aren`t up to the task of four minutes of free-for-all-interviewing, letting them do it row by row and timing them for a minute also keeps things easy, tho this print isn`t all that difficult.
  • I would suggest making an A3 version of the print for you and your JTE and hold it up while practicing the sentences. This print was developed with the vocabulary learned so far by 2nd year students using the Total English textbooks, please tailor your verbs appropriately.

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