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SUBMITTED BY: Karmen Hvalec


GRAMMAR: Future Tense Verb

EXAMPLE: I will go to the movies tomorrow?

DATE ADDED: Jul 07, 2009


                         Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.


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Brief Outline: Students practice the future tense while playing Janken with each other in hopes get a bingo.


Materials Needed:


Detailed Explanation:

  1. Students play Janken and the winner asks, "Will you...?"
  2. There are 3 different answers available that students can choose from: "Yes, I will." "I'm sorry, I can't." "No way!"
  3. If the student says, "Yes, I will.", then after the student completes the action, the student who asked the question receives the signature of the student who did the action.


Teaching Suggestions:

  • It`s good to do review for pronunciation and meaning of the pictures and than move to the game. 

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