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SUBMITTED BY: Karmen Hvalec


GRAMMAR: Subordinate Conjunction

EXAMPLE: I am against the plan because we need our parks.

DATE ADDED: Jun 27, 2008


                          Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.


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Brief Outline: Students match cards to complete the puzzles after they watch the Willy Wonka movie.


Materials Needed:

  • WillyWonka worksheet: One for each group. If possible, print out each set in color and laminate them.


Detailed Explanation:

  1. Use this sentence to give activity explanation, “He didn`t have friends, because he played video games all day.”
  2. It helps if you draw two squares on the blackboard and write half of the sentence in each square. Confirm the meaning of the sentence with the students and then ask them, “Who is it? Is it Veruca? Is it Augustus?” The answer should be obvious that it is Mike.
  3. Then, show them the picture of Mike and point out that there are 3 cards to make this sentence: 2 sentence cards and the character card. NOTE: There one more character cards than sentences. The extra card is Willy Wonka. Simply tell the students, “One card has no match,” and let them figure it out.
  4. Once a group has solved the puzzle, have them check their answers with the ALT/JTE.


Teaching Suggestions:

  • Ask students to make sure there are 16 cards in the set before returning them back to you.



  • Make sure you watch the movie before doing this activity.
  • Explain the activity before you ask students to make groups. This makes it easier to control the classroom and give explanations.
  • I would suggest you to draw an original sign on the back of each card set, this way it`s easier to figure out which card is in the wrong set if they get mixed up by accident.
  • There are few words that students might not be familiar with. Don`t use dictionaries, don`t tell them the meaning straight awat, instead try and give them hints, make time to go around the classroom and interact with the students instead.
  • Give the students a time limit or make it a competition to make this activity more exciting. It is all up to your imagination.

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