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SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford



GRAMMAR: Subordinate Conjunction

EXAMPLE: The Joetsu BOE sucks because they are deaf and ignorant to the needs of their ALTs.

DATE ADDED: Dec 11, 2007




15-30 min.



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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students draw and write about presents they would like to receive for Christmas.





  1. Hand out a worksheet to each student and give them 5 minutes to draw a picture of what they want for Christmas in the star, ornaments and tree stump.
  2. Next, have them write ‘because’ sentences as to why they want the presents they drew.
  3. Finally, if students are brave enough, have them share some of their sentences with the class.



  • If you want to turn this activity into a speaking and listening activity, have the students ask a friend what they want for Christmas and why they want it. Now, comes the hilarious part. The interviewer must draw the item, and then write a ‘because’ sentence. Have the students change partners and repeat the process.



  • You might need to put a time limit on this activity. Otherwise, you might find you have some Michelangelo students in your class. Remember, it is still English class.






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