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World Rally  

SUBMITTED BY: Sean Whelan & Jesse Willicome



GRAMMAR: NH's Speak+ 2-4

EXAMPLE: Go down this street and turn left.

DATE ADDED: Dec 18, 2007




15-30 min.



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BRIEF OUTLINE: Spice up that boring direction class with a little unadulterated racing goodness.



  • WorldRally attachments: Sean's  (original) / Jesse's  (see Variation area below). This activity includes fire-proof suit, kocho sensei’s car, driver's license (international one not valid) and driving insurance.



  1. Students break into pairs. One student is the driver, the other the navigator. Each team starts at the START line, indicated on the map.
  2. Navigators give drivers instructions verbally, and drivers draw their course on the map as they progress through the race stages.
  3. Navigators must get an instruction from their teacher and read it to their driver..
  4. Each instruction leads a team to a checkpoint. The navigator must then go to the teacher and quote the landmark at the checkpoint. If it is correct they get instructions for the next stage.
  5. The first team to get across the finish line wins the babes/pretty boys and the beer/sparkling wine.
  6. Play moderate rock music with at least 120bpm to ensure the correct racing atmosphere. (My Sharona by The Knack or alternatively Born to be Wild by the legendary Steppenwolf ).
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.



  • The map in the attachment is tiled and fully customizable. The instructions included in the attachment are for students who have a basic understanding of the major grammar points. Everything in the document can be adapted to suite your students needs.
  • Races can be timed to add to the sense of urgency. Teams can compete at the same time in a race or sequentially in a ‘time attack’ competition.
  • Jesse Willicome's Variation: I made a few slight variations to the map by adding two more locations, thereby making a total of 12 locations. Then, I set up to two different routes, each with six locations to find. This was meant to make it either easier to finish the game in a shorter time or allow half the class to do
    Route 1, while the other half of the class does Route 2. I then added some extra cars to the selection for fun: Ferrari, Austin Mini, Volkswagon Beetle, Batmobile and a bicycle. The new options were pretty popular with my students. Finally, I added a teacher's "route direction/map" document, that is
    seperate from the student's "worksheet/blank map".



  • Run through the major grammar on pages 64 and 65 thoroughly before attempting this activity. Explain the meaning of ‘down this street’ and clarify that the students know their left from their right. Also teach/review first second third etc, this will be essential for competing in a timed race.



  • Wear a seatbelt!

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