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SUBMITTED BY: Joyanne Baab



GRAMMAR: Verb - Present Perfect / NH 3's List+2

EXAMPLE: I have been there for/since...

DATE ADDED: Jun 20, 2014

Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


15-30 min.


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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students interview each other at a school reunion to find out where they've been since graduation.





  1. Begin by explaining the scenario to the students that after graduation, all of their friends went all over the world. They all came back together for a school reunion and now you want to find out where they have all been and for how long.
  2. Pass out the worksheets. Students look at the first side, with the map. You explain that,  first students will ask each other "Have you been to~?" The students will answer "Yes, I have", "No, I haven't." If after three guesses they haven't guessed it, then the second student will answer "I have been to ~." (*Note. if you think this is confusing you can just change Question 1 to "Where have you been?" my teachers just really wanted to have the student practice "Yes, I have. No, I haven't."
  3. When the students find the country they ask Question 2 - "How long have you been there?". The opposite student will answer from their card: "I have been there for/since ~."
  4. The goal is for the students to find someone from each country before the time runs out (I give them 10-15 min)
  5. Part 2 - is connect the names to the correct countries.
  6. Part 3 - is writing. (*Note you can make them write first and the students who finish early can work on connecting the countries).


  • I made this activity with a lower-level class in mind. So the full sentence is on the card. If you want you can just cut that down to the name of the country and the for/since+year. Then make sure you go over with the students how to make the correct sentence.


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