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Wrong Number  

SUBMITTED BY: Raegina Taylor & Sandy Dennis



GRAMMAR: Numbers


DATE ADDED: Oct 13, 2008




35-50 min.


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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students work through a series of activities to eventually formulate a self-introduction.





  1. Hand out the worksheet and have the students look at 'Part 1' of the worksheet. They must listen to the phone numbers being read and circle the correct letter.
  2. For the second part of the worksheet, the listening exercise gets a bit harder. Students listen to a skit by the ALT/JTE and choose the correct phone numbers. Make sure to play up the fact that it is the same person calling and being very annoying. It makes the kids more interested. Run through the skit one time with the students ONLY listening. The second time through the skit, the students can start circling the correct phone number. The dialogue could go something like this:
    • SKIT #1
    • A: (phone rings)Hello?
    • B: Hi, is this Osama?
    • A: No, it’s not. His phone number is 852-4014.
    • B: Oh. Are you Will?
    • A: No, I’m not. Will’s phone number is 942-6330.
    • B: Oh, ok..bye. (hang up)
    • SKIT #2
    • A: (phone rings) Hello?
    • B: Hi, is this David?
    • A: No, its not. His phone number is 725-1980
    • B: Right.
    • A: Who are you? Are you Aya?
    • B: Yes, I am! My phone number is 281-0523.
    • A: Ok. I am William. My phone number is 654-4013.
    • B: Ok, thank you. What’s your (home/mobile) phone number?
    • A: It's 090-8877-15230.
    • B: Ok, bye!
    • A: Goodbye!
  3. The third part of the worksheet includes a dating game that was borrowed from another website. Students try to collect as many phone numbers as they can from the opposite sex by meeting and playing Janken. The loser must TELL, not write, their phone number to the winner. However, your students might have a problem talking with the opposite sex. If this is the case, you might think about letting them talk to the same gender.



  • Some students may be hesitant to give out their real phone number. If that is the case, let the students make up a phone number.

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