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You Decide T/F


SUBMITTED BY: Andy Webster



GRAMMAR: Present Perfect Verb

EXAMPLE: Have you ever played baseball?

DATE ADDED: May 25, 2010




35-50 min.


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BRIEF OUTLINE: The ALT reads 4 sentences and the students have to decide which sentence is false. In groups the students write their own sentences with one student writing a false sentence. The other students have to find the liar.





  1. After students form groups, but before the groups start Part 1 of the worksheet, inform them that they must decide as a group, not one individual in the group, as to which is going to be the wrong answer for their group.
  2. Students are given ten minutes to read the questions and decide which is the worng answer.
  3. The ALT reads out each answer and the students have to raise their X or O cards.
  4. The ALT tells the students which answer is false.
  5. The students keep points for each correct answer.
  6. Then, the students write their own original 'Have you ever.....' questions.
  7. The group with the most original question is given extra points.
  8. As for Part 2 of the worksheet, in groups the students have to each write a sentence with one student lying.
  9. Each group has to say their sentences to the class. The other groups listen and decide which student is lying.
  10. The groups circle the number they think is lying on their worksheet.
  11. The group with the most correct quesses are the winners








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