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You Look Happy


SUBMITTED BYRichard Benoit

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY:  Englipedia's Looks Faces


GRAMMAR: Copula Verb

EXAMPLE: You look happy.

DATE ADDED: Jul 02, 2010




50 min.


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BRIEF OUTLINE: A 50-minute team-oriented practice of adjectives using a "You look..." sentence formation.



  • YouLookHappy attachment: When making the cards for this activity (page two of worksheet), be sure to make two times the number of copies as you have groups in the class. For me, the easiest way is to use the schools colored construction paper. A different color per group. Cut the construction paper in half then feed it into the copy machine and make copies of cards.



  1. After handing out the worksheet, divide the classes into teams.
  2. Give them a couple minutes to fill in what they think the spellings are for Part 1. Let them reference their textbooks if needed.
  3. Then, have them hand back their worksheet and practice the spellings via some type of quiz show-type battle. Basically, you say an adjective and students raise their hand if they think they can spell it.
  4. Next, hand out a set of cards to each group (created from page two of the worksheet). Each group spreads out the cards face down and play Janken to see who goes first.
  5. This activity is your basic Concentration game. A student flips over a card and says the target sentence using the adjective of the card they flipped over. Once completed, they flip over a second card to try and find a match. If they find a match, they receive the cards. NOTE: If a student can't form the target sentence, they can't turn over a second card.
  6. The student with the most cards is the champion.


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