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Your Romance Horoscope



BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Seventeen and Teen magazine quizes


GRAMMAR: Comparative/Superlative

EXAMPLE: I think Japanese is more difficult than English.

DATE ADDED: Feb 18, 2009




15-30 min.



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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students silently read through the quiz, or listen to the teacher read through it. Each question has four choices to choose from. Once completed, they can find out their romance horoscope.



  • YourRomanceHoroscope attachments: There are two quizzes, but they are essentially the same. One quiz has pictures, for lower-level classes, and the other one doesn't.



  1. Make sure the students understand the grammar point `more...than...` and go over an example.
  2. Explain that there are no right or wrong answers because the whole paper is about how they think and feel.
  3. Pass out the quizzes and have them try the first question. If they understand it, have them keep going through. However, stop once and a while to make sure they are understanding everything.
  4. Once they complete the worksheet, have them grade themselves and read about what kind of romance they will have. Depending on the atmosphere of the classroom, you may even be able to read the horoscopes as a class.



  • I originally did this without the pictures, so I had to gesture and draw a lot.
  • Add in some review sentences into the results so the kids can practice listening even more.



  • The kids get really excited at the end to hear thier future.


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