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 Do you like baseball?(Yes & NO)


BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: JHS 'Don't get Yes' activity

DATE ADDED: April 17, 2017


  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


15-30 min.



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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students ask questions to each other; they don't want 'Yes' answers.





Complete the Word Doc with whatever Yes/No questions you'd like the students to practice/answer.
Print it out.
Each student receives one sheet.
Practice reading and check the understanding.
Next, the students must check the boxes for 3 of the questions. For these checked questions they must answer 'Yes' whether 'Yes' is actually true or not. The other questions are answered 'No' whether true or not. (Makes for some good fun.)
The students then walk around the classroom keeping their sheet secret and janken in pairs to determine who asks the first question.
If their partner answers 'Yes' the interviewer must put an 'X' in a 'STRIKES' box -3 of these and "You're out!" and you have to sit down. If their partner answers 'No' the interviewer gets a home-run and can put a '1' in their 'HOME-RUNS' box.

These home-runs can tally up till they get 3 strikes.
Students can only ask one question each per pair before changing partners.

They can come back later and play the same person but not for consecutive questions...
The champion is the person with the most home-runs after a set time, or when all but one student is left standing. Easy!
If students use a pencil, erase everything and play round 2!

There are no instructions written on the worksheet as it's so easy, if you do one example with the JTE, the students will understand...

This activity is great as anyone can win.

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