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Leaving Japan



This is a general checklist of things ‘to do’ before you leave Japan.  You may not need to do all or you may have more.  This is primarily for JET Program ALTs but can be used for all ALTs in general.



  • Welcome letter
  • Your contact details
  • Maps - supermarkets, shops, restaurants, izakayas, other JETs, etc.
  • Bus schedules
  • Emergency & work phone numbers
  • School/Office info
  • Payday & office deductions
  • Instructions for appliances
  • Garbage day & explanations
  • Price list of household items (include photographs, age) to email
  • Car sold / disposed



  • Researched about life after JET – education / travel / employment
  • Departure date covered by correct visa
  • Relevant paperwork for return flight reimbursement completed


Money Matters

  • Insurance cover for when Japanese National Health Insurance runs out


Pension Refund

  • ‘Application for Lump-Sum Withdrawal’ form
  • Pension book (little blue book)
  • Designated a tax representative (resident of Japan)
  • Filed an ‘Application to Appoint a Tax Representative’
  • Copies of important numbers/addresses to take home (school, supervisor, CO, JTE etc)
  • Money sent home / converted


Domestic Issues

  • Clean out your apartment (air futon, toilet, shower, fridge, behind/in cupboards!)
  • Landlord; waterworks; electricity; gas informed of departure
  • Pay all bills (keitai, rent, electricity, gas, phone, internet)
  • Hanko, bankbook and cash card with tax representative
  • Mail forwarded
  • Belongings organized – sell / keep / discard
  • Belongings shipped/ sent home
  • Suitcase pre-delivered to the airport


  • Thank you / goodbye letters
  • Make a list of skills acquired, tasks completed, ideas implemented
  • Reference letter



** Please don’t assume/think that your supervisor will handle all of this for you and automatically know what to do – it’s your responsibility to see to it that the necessary things are completed!**



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