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Leaving Japan

Countdown Schedule


The following is a general timeline on what to expect in the upcoming months. Remember, this is just a suggested timeframe, so allow yourself more or less time according to your individual needs. This is primarily for JET Programme ALTs but can be used for ALTs in general.




  • Early:
    • Start going through your place and decide what you will take back, what you will sell, what you will give away and what you will discard.
  • Late:
    • our successor should have been notified of their general placement.


  • Early:
    • If you will be shipping any items back to your home country, start making arrangements. Start sending items that will take longer to reach your destination, such as books and other surface mail.
    • Inform the ‘landlord’ at least ONE MONTH in advance of the day that you’ll be leaving. This is a good idea because if your successor is taking your apartment, this might help clear up when the name is transferred to the new person.
  • Mid:
    • Start organizing bills and other finances for your supervisor and for the person who will be in charge of setting up your pension refund (a.k.a. – your proxy).
    • If you’re applying for an extension visa, start processing the paperwork you’ll need. Apply for the extension visa at least two weeks in advance of your visa expiration.
  • Late:
    • Solidify the items your successor will not be buying from you so you can start passing spreading the word about the things you are trying to get rid of.


  • Early:
    • Start writing thank you letters and saying goodbyes.
      Organize your mail forwarding.
  • Mid:
    • Finalize details on who will serve as your proxy with bill payments and pension refunds. Leave your contact information with him or her.
    • Inform utilities of your shutoff dates and arrange payment.



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