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Leaving Japan

Shipping Companies


When you decide to return home, you might find you have collected an incredible amount of things you want to take back home. Maybe you've become addicted to your all-in-one Japanese microwave or you just can't imagine your life without your heated toilet seat.  Make sure you know all of your options before shipping your things. 


Japan Post Office

  • Small packets (こづつみ) - small items weighing up to 2 kg. can be sent at lower than ordinary parcel rates. You might want to write "Small Packet"  in the upper left corner of the addressed side of the package under the name and address of the sender.  Bring it to a post office counter after attaching a customs label or customs declaration. The forms are available at the post office.
  • Parcels - you can send parcels up to 30 kg. from your local post office, but there are destinations to which you may not send parcels that exceed a certain weight. Size limitations vary according to destination. International parcel labels, a combination of invoice, customs declaration and address label, are available at post offices.
  • Insured Mail (ほけんつき) - when sending valuables overseas via airmail, SAL mail or surface mail, it is advisable to have them insured. You can complete the necessary procedure at the post office counter. However, some post offices cannot accept insured mail and this service does not apply to some countries.  For a comprehensive list of international rates, consult Japan's post office webpage.


International Shipping Companies
International shipping companies can be a good option if you have more than a couple of boxes to ship home. Most companies offer the container option in which you can send your personal belongings, large furniture and even your car.



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