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 Greedy Christmas Tree

SUBMITTED BY: Jesse Conway  

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Some regional ALT manual


DATE ADDED: Dec 02, 2011


  Large Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


30-35 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students create a Christmas tree using their handprints and the verb to want to make Christmas wishes. 



  • One sheet of green construction paper per student (at least as big as the palm of their hand)
  • Scissors as you see fit
  • One long piece of brown construction paper for the trunk
  • Masking tape or glue


  1. Tell the kids, "We can make a Christmas tree. Please look." Place your hand on the board and trace around it with chalk. On one finger, write "I want a new bicycle." Ask the JTE what they want for Christmas. Write their "I want..." sentence on another finger. Hopefully the students are getting the hang of things now.
  2. Pass out green paper, one sheet per student. Monitor while they trace around their hands, making sure everybody is okay.
  3. Once everyone has finished, have them begin writing their four/five (the thumb doesn't have much room for dreams, but you can write onto the palm if you want) "I want..." sentences. Help as necessary with spelling, articles, etc.
  4. When a student finishes their sentences, they should show a teacher to check for clarity/comprehension of lesson aims/etc and receive a pair of scissors to cut out their hand shape.
  5. Collect these hands and if you have time left over, you can begin making the tree in class. This is best left to just you, so you may want to practice the night before if you're afraid of screwing up in front of your students.
  6. Arrange the hand shapes with fingers pointed down, much like the needles on a Christmas tree. It's easiest to do two rows of six/seven and use those as the base layer. Attach them to the brown construction paper "trunk". Your next rows should have less hands included, so that you can start forming a tree shape. Continue until you hit the top of the "trunk" and hopefully run out of hands. If you have some extra hand shapes, use them to fill in the sparser parts of the tree (just like the real thing!). Since this takes some time to prepare (10 minutes or so), you may want to display them in your next class, or set a day when you will place all the trees in a shared space. You may want to make a star with each class number on it to top the trees. Tape/glue will get weaker over time, so expect some fallen needles, if you will. 


  • "I want..." can of course be altered for anything you like. Good luck getting 3rd graders to make "This is the present that I gave my father" trees!

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