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Printables for bulletin boards and English fun, inside and outside of the classroom.



A Fact 2 Jokes and A Riddle (by Mark Porter): Extra content for your English board.


Animals!Animals!Animals! (by Mark Porter): A handout with funny Animal pictures and interesting dog facts. Please use it anyway you'd like.



Animal Facts (by Mark Porter): A fun page with some animal facts that 1st graders and up should be able to understand!


Idiom - It's a Snap! (by Mark Porter):  Idiomatic expressions aren't covered much in the  textbooks, and it seems to me that some students might enjoy learning a few easy idioms. This paper introduces the idiom "It's a snap."


Palindromes! (by Mark Porter): I've always found palindromes interesting and I hope students will too. Please correct my Japanese if need be!


School Newsletter Template (by Richard Benoit) : Inspired by forum member bum1.  I used to do a bi-monthly paper and staple it to my English board.


Smallest Dog Article (by Mark Porter): Good article for your English board. Especially when teaching superlatives.


The Oldest Man in the World (by Mark Porter): This is just a short "human interest" paper that you can put up on your "English Corner" bulletin board at school.



The Prefix "Re" (by Mark Porter): A fun page explaining the prefix "re".


Titanic Violin (by Mark Porter): A short article about the brave Wallace Hartley's violin.

Un! (by Mark Porter): This is a short explanation and  display of many different words that use "un" as a prefix. 


U.S. Brands Map (by Mark Porter): A map showing which state various famous American brands came from. Ex: Dr Pepper comes from Texas.


What Time Word Search Puzzle: Students find and circle the underlined word.


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