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 Christmas Lesson


BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Englipedia's 3D Tree Craft


DATE ADDED: Dec 21, 2009


  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students compete to make the best Christmas tree in class.



  • ChristmasLesson handouts: Tree 01 / Tree 02 . Print the Christmas tree worksheets on A3 green construction paper. To assemble the Tree 01 handout, simply cut along the dotted lines and position Christmas Tree 2 down onto Christmas Tree 1. As for the ornaments in Tree 01, to keep the file size small, I only attached one of each kind of ornament. You'll need to copy/paste each ornament so that it fills out one entire page. Each group should receive one page of ornaments. Also, you should cut the ornaments either into strips or individuals.


  1. Tell students about Christmas and let them know that they will be making a 3D Christmas tree.
  2. In a group, each student must come to the teachers and ask for materials: color pencils, tape, glue, scissors, ornaments, and tree worksheets.  Sample dialog:
    • Easy
      • Student: May I have the Christmas Tree 1 page?
      • Teacher: Sure, here you go. (give student Christmas Tree 1 handout)
    • Hard
      • Student: I want to make a Christmas tree. May I have some materials for it?
      • Teacher: Sure, what do you want?
      • Student: I want the Christmas Tree 1 worksheet, please.
      • Teacher: OK, here you go.
      Give students at least 20 minutes to decorate their trees. Then, the JTE/ALT choose their favorite Christmas tree.  



    • This lesson is just a special holiday lesson for students. It will work for ES or JHS (any level).
    • Divide the tree and ornaments worksheets among the teachers so each student has to go to the JTE and the ALT for materials.
    • Encourage students to write, draw, create their own ornaments.
    • Instead of a tree, try making a snowman.  If you choose this option, it might be interesting to explain to the students the difference between Japanese vs. foreign snowmen - 2 vs 3 circles.

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