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FUN FACT: "As of September 29th 2007, the largest pumpkin ever grown was 1,689 pounds ." (source)


Off Site Links

Canon's Creative Park: English (日本語) / Crayola Creativity (has a pop-up) / English Raven / ESL Flashcards / Esl HQ / Jack O'Lantern & Witch Origami / Kid Printables / Kid's Turn Creativity / Lanternfish (formerly Boggle's World) / MES-English / Origami Club / Pop-up Cards / Pumpkin Box / Paper Models (extremely intense) / Raven's Blight / Video Games

Alphabet Order War: Students stategically play alphabet cards in hopes to gain the most Halloween cards.


Attack 25 Halloween: This is a fun hands-on activity for students to practice using: "What's this?" and "This is ~." This game works great as a Halloween lesson.


Bananaman: Use the Halloween version to create a spooky kind of "Heads Down Thumbs Up" game.

Do You Know the Monster?: Students find matches for their character worksheet using, 'He lives in America.' grammar in this Halloween themed (but useful for anytime) worksheet. 


Do You Want to Suck My Blood?: A Halloween-themed activity using the phrases "Do you want to ~?" and "I want to ~."


Dracula Likes Halloween: This is a Halloween-themed exercise and bingo game.


Halloween Battleship: Can be found here.


Halloween Karuta: Set of themed cards can be found here.



Interactive Halloween Jeopardy:  A neat, interactive Jeopardy quiz game using power point. This version is Halloween themed, but you can use it as a template for any sort of questions.


I like Halloween: Students exchange character cards and find out what each character does. The aim is to collect as many characters as possible.


Make a Monster: Students use the 3rd person singular and form sentences to describe an original monster.  


Making Monsters: This is a drawing activity for Halloween that can be used to teach body parts and plurals.  


Mask Creating: Students make Halloween masks while learning face parts and Halloween phrases.


Monster Drawing: Students use their knowledge of English colors, numbers, body parts, and shapes (optional) to draw a monster based upon the ALT's description.

Simpsons Halloween: Students listen and watch Simpsons clips while trying to fill-in-the-blanks.


Skeleton Hangman: Instead of drawing a hangman, ALT's use laminated skeleton magnets to build a skeleton.


Trick or Treat Doors: Students make a set of two doors and trick or treat with their friends to collect the most candies. But which door holds the candy and which holds the monster!?


Where Does Wendy the Witch Live ?: Students listen or read the clues to a logic puzzle using the relative clause while trying to figure out where Wendy the witch lives.


Who Likes Monsters: Students write third person sentences. Then play the Englipedia's Squares game, only a halloween version.


Whose Monster Is This?:Students draw a monster based off the clues you read them, then have to find out whose monster they have.


Zombies: Students become zombies to practice "I like ___.", "I like ___ too" and/or "I don`t like ___.


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