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Go: JHS GrammarWhose Monster Is This?

SUBMITTED BY: Jesse Wilson

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Who owns the Snowman?


GRAMMAR: Holiday: Halloween

DATE ADDED: Oct 17, 2013

Large Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)ÔBad/Misbehaved ClassesÕ


20-30 min.

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OUTLINE: Students draw a monster based off the clues you read them, then have to find out whose monster they have.




  1. After talking about Halloween and introducing things about Halloween where you are from, introduce some of the shapes and vocabulary words they may not know in the activity.
  2. Pass out the monster drawing paper. Tell the students not to write their names on the paper.
  3. Start reading the clues to the students to draw a monster based on what you are reading. At the same time you are reading the clues, draw a monster on the board as an example and have the JTE draw one too. You should have two different versions of monster so no one gets confused.
  4. Once all the clues are read, collect half the room's papers and the other half's papers. DO NOT mix the halves together. Shuffle one half of the papers and pass them out to the other half of the room and do the same for the other half. You want the paper to be mixed so no one has their own paper.
  5. Once all the papers are passed out, pass out a copy of the clue paper to the students too. You can go over the clues with the students if you want.
    Have the students figure out whose monster they have. Have them stand up and walk around asking other students, "Is this your monster?"
  6. Once the students find whose monster they have, they write the name on the bottom of the paper where it says, "This is ___________ monster."
    7.Then they come and show you and say, "This is _______________monster."

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