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Phonics Points Spreadsheet



 (Click the image to download the spreadsheet)


This spreadsheet was created to track students' Phonics scores but techniquely can be used to track their regular classes, too.  It has enbedded formulas inserted into the cells to automatically update students' progress, so you virtually only have to enter the name of the student and their scores.


Some things to note about the spreadsheet:

  • Cells that have important comments are marked little red triangles located in the upper-right hand of the cell. To view the comments, simply hover your mouse over the cell.  These comments are important to read in order to make the formula run smooth.
  • To start using this spreadsheet, highlight all the orange numbers press the "delete" key.
  • You can hide the cells that have these type of beige comments automatically shown by right-mouse clicked and choosing 'hide comment'. However, make sure you read them first. They have to pertain to the smooth operation of this spreadsheet.
  • Reduced the names of your lesson to one or two words. This will make it easy to read over the spreadsheet. Any notes you have on the class, right-mouse click on the cell that contains the name of the lesson and choose 'insert comment' and keep your notes in there. You can make this box as big as you want and view it by simply hovering your mouse over the cell.
  • In case you have more lessons or more students than this spreadsheet contains, you will need to add a column or row. To insert another column, right-mouse click in between the two letters at the top of the screen. More specifically, you want to click in between the two columns that contains the name of the last lesson you did and the cell that says "Total Points". If you've clicked on the correct place, there will be an option entitled, "insert'. When you click on "insert" it will insert another column. This also holds true for the rows, where you enter in students' names.  This WILL NOT affect the formulas. They automatically adjust for these insertions.
  • Instead of keeping each class in a separate file, use the 'sheet' tab at the bottom of this screen. To change the name of 'sheet' or add another sheet, right-mouse click on one of the sheet tabs.
  • If you should happen to have a lesson with no set number of points, add up the number of points ALL the students received, then enter the average of those points into the 'Total Possible Points' cell.
  • You will not be able to see the "Overall Class Average" until you fill-in all the lesson columns.  If you want to see this average, simply right mouse click on the alphabet letter found on the top of each column and choose delete.  Delete all the columns that you have not filled out and you will be able to see the overall class average.


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