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This page is home to the many song activities submitted to us over the years.

Because You Loved Me: Using a Celine Dion love song, students play bingo listening for past tense verbs in the song.


I Want to Get Away: This activity uses Lenny Kravitz’s Fly Away as a warm-up to a bingo interview game and finally, a writing exercise.


If I Had a Million Dollars: Students listen to the song and fill in the gaps. They put the pictures in the order that they hear the words.


GoodTime:(wrksht only by Ashton Simmonds) Lyrics with fill-in-the-blanks. Song by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen.

Jingle Bells: Listen to Jingle bells and fill the gaps. 


Just the Way You Are: Using Bruno Mars' song, "Just the Way You Are" to introduce compliments. If you have a full lesson then I've added extra activities.


One Thing Song: Students listen to a song by the band One Direction and fill in blanks.


Puff the Magic Dragon Listening:This is a worksheet with lyrics ' in English and Japanese. Students must listen and write down corresponding rhyming words to those words listed in the box.


Seen the Rain: This activity is based upon the  song, Have you ever seen the rain?


Santa Tell Me Song: Students listen to the song "Santa Tell Me" by Ariana Grande and fill in the blanks on the worksheet. There is an easy version and a hard version to choose from. 


Sitting, Waiting, Wishing: A listening and fill-in-the-blank activity to practice Gerunds.


Songs: 21 translated songs with both English and Japanese on the same page.


Songs, Rhymes & Chants Collection: (wrksht only by Catherine Burgemeister) Try blowing them up and putting them on large cards, so the students can choose in class.


Stevie Wonder Double Dare: Students learn about Stevie Wonder by playing a game and listening to Stevie Wonder songs, and of course, practicing Relative Pronouns.


Summer Paradise Song: Students listen to the song "Summer Paradise" by Simple Plan and fill in the blanks on the worksheet.  


We Are The Champions: (Worksheet only by Timothy White) This is different from the typical listen and fill in the blanks for missing lyrics. Students listen to the song and do two parts of the work sheet. One match the lyrics and two circle the word of the lyric word they hear in the song.


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