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 History of Christmas

SUBMITTED BY: Joyanne Baab



DATE ADDED: Dec 17, 2013


BRIEF OUTLINE: Students learn about the History of Christmas, and then watch the 1964 cartoon version of Rudolph.

  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


15-30 min.

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  1. The Rudolph activity can be done sperately for a 15 min activity or combined with the History of Christmas Powerpoint for a nice introduction and lead in to the Rudolph cartoon which will run you up to a full class.
  2. If you plan on doing the Powerpoint find the talking points for each slide enclosed in the History of Christmas Powerpoint.
  3. I've actually gone on for a long time with this PPT then you'd expect because they were fascinated and were asking questions and participating awesomely. But it's up to you how fast you move through it.
  4. Next I gave them the worksheet and told them to listen as the watched the movie and check off the words as they hear them. (It's pretty hard as the English is fast, but the cartoon is really easy to follow even if they don't understand.) I often stand in the back and repeat the words when they are said to help the kids out.
  5. Next I review the movie, talk about it, help them answer the questions, and then let them do the wordsearch giving a prize for the first few to finish. *Note: All the words except the ones with little Asterixes beside them are in the word-search. The only ones missing are, red-noes, number-one-job, quick, and fog - so give them a heads up on that.


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