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ROLE: Submitter/ JHS Project Manager

PAGE CREATED: May 09, 2011TOTAL: 107

LAST: AUG 28, 2014


Simon was asked by Englipedia in 2014 to take on the role of a JHS submissions editor and uploader because he  just plain wore us out. With an impressive activity submission total of 107, Englipedia decided it would be just if he learned just how much work goes into editing and uploading activities, so we let him try his hand. In addition to continually dumping his own activities to help our users out with that pesky "misc" textbook section, he devoted his free time volunteering to upload our users' submissions and helped out more people than he himself could ever imagine. With the vacant spot of JHS Project Manager open, Englipedia knew that he was a perfect fit. At times it seemed like he was a one man army but he never quit turning out those submissions. Thank you for all your hard work Simon. It will be hard for Englipedia to find another project manager like you!





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