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DATE ADDED: Feb 17, 2011


  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


05-10 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: An easy way to get an entire class to practice 'target grammar' and learn more about their ALT.



  • If ALTs are quick-on-their-feet, nothing is needed. If not, a list of questions that focus on the desired grammar point could be prepared.



  1. Simple as can be. Let's say that your target grammar is: "What ____ do you like?" Simply ask you students to ask you:
    • ALT: "Ask me, 'What sports do you like?'"
    • Class: "What sports do you like?"
    • ALT "Well, I like table tennis, volleyball, swimming and gymnastics. In my high school days, I did gymnastics. I did the rings (tsuriwa)." Ask me what Japanese foods I like."
    • Class: "What Japanese foods do you like?"
  2. This activity is really that simple.



  • Once all the questions/answers are finished, you could re-ask the same questions back to the class to check for comprehension and have students raise their hand to answer.



  • The beauty of this simple activity is that it allows you to give the students many examples of a given sentence structure without stopping to 'teach' the grammar. In this way, many students will naturally come to have an understanding of the given bit of grammar. A 'proper' grammar lecture could always follow, if the JTE sees fit to do so.



  • It is probably best to spend time thinking of a good list of questions in advance, in order not to waste time trying to come up with questions in class, and in order to have the kinds of questions that you think your students would most like to ask you.
  • In general, in my experience, students don't get enough review of any given grammar point. This simple Ask Me activity gives the students a chance to hear a given target sentence used a lot. And, because all the students are to ask the question to the ALT as a group, students don't have to feel shy about speaking out. All students get to listen, speak and come to better understand a chosen bit of grammar, and hopefully be able to understand and use the target structure. The activity also gives students a chance to get to know their ALT better. (Of course, ALTs can have their students ask them about their family and country--not just about themselves.)

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