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 WarmupBlackboard Relay

SUBMITTED BY: Charlotte Steggall

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Teaching back home in the UK


DATE ADDED: Apr 26, 2010


  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)Ô


10 min.


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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students run to the blackboard relay style to write phrases.


  1. Split the class into three teams (my classes are sat in six nice columns so I set each team to be two columns). Draw two lines on the board to split the board into three as well.
  2. Give each team a piece of chalk. Students run to the board to write something on a certain theme, then run back to pass the chalk to their next team mate. Themes can be anything you want depending on the level of the class. JHS 2nd graders could do names of animals, or food, for example. I used this game after my intro lesson with my 3rd graders, and their theme was things they remembered about me. They could write anything they wanted, both sentences ("she has a brother") or words ("The UK").
  3. I usually award one point for Japanese words and two for English, but you can be stricter than that if you would like. For times when the same word or phrase has been used by more than one team, the only team who wrote that word first gets the point. This stops cheating. You can also award/take away points based on good grammar and spelling.


  • This activity can be difficult with unmotivated classes because some students will refuse to get up. However, most classes will really have a good time playing this game.

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