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 WarmupThe Guests

SUBMITTED BY: Jennifer Murray

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: The TV show Are You Afraid of the Dark?


DATE ADDED: Dec 16, 2010


  Large Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)ÔBad/Misbehaved ClassesÕ


10 min.


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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students listen to a scary story and reach for an eraser when they hear the target word.



  • TheGuests story
  • One eraser per pair of students.



  1. Have the students make pairs. Instruct them to turn their desks, so they are facing each other. The students should put one eraser between them.
  2. Write a key word on the board, such as "usually."
  3. Instruct the students to put their hands on their heads, for added effect.
  4. Read the story aloud. When you say the key word, each student must grab the eraser before his or her partner.
  5. Write the next key word on the board and continue the story.


  • You can adjust the level by changing the key words. For Grade 3, I used: visit, overnight, wanted, envelope, restaurant, ago, understand. For Grade 2, I used: usually, stay, saw, enjoy, got, went, said, house, table.
  • Being dramatic will help draw in students who get bored easily.
  • Lastly, I tried this activity with a small, special class, and they enjoyed it, but perhaps another activity would be better. This activity really worked well with large classes because the energy picked up quickly.



  • Ask your JTE beforehand if there are any words they don't know or will have trouble with. If you use a 'target' word that is too difficult, the students get really confused as to whether they actually heard the word or not.
  • Also, watch out for flying erasers.

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