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 WarmupJanken, Change, Retire

SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Spur of the moment creation


DATE ADDED: Jun 11, 2011


  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓBad/Misbehaved ClassesÕ


05-15 min.

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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students work in pairs to answer two questions in order for their pair to retire from the game.



  • A lot of questions: Try the Question Bank thread over on the Englipedia Forum. There are a ton of questions sorted by topic.



  1. Explaining this game is best done via demonstration. Have two students stand and explain to the class they are a pair. Have the two students play Janken. The winner remains standing.
  2. Ask the winner an easy question: "What is 'inu' in English?" After the student answers, have the two students reverse their standup/sitdown positions (change).
  3. Ask the newly standing student another simple question: What is 'neko' in English?" Once they answer, they sit down and both students in the pair shout out in unison: "Retire!"
  4. They now get to sit there nonverbally bragging about their 'retire' status for the rest of the game.
  5. Play until all students are sitting or until the allotted time.



  • For students who don't have a partner, simply have them answer two questions.

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