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 WarmupRead My Lips

SUBMITTED BY: Patrick Bickford

BORROWED FROM / INSPIRED BY: Five-Minute Activities book


DATE ADDED: Aug 04, 2008


  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)Ó


05-15 min.


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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students watch your lips in an effort to understand what you are mouthing.


  1. After writing some vocabulary words on the chalkboard, tell the class to listen as carefully as they can and then, when you have their utmost attention, silently 'mouth' one of the vocabulary words. The students should try to identify the word by carefully watching the movement of your mouth.
  2. Depending on your genkiness of your class, have the student who can guess the word come to the front to mouth the next word.


  • This is a good exercise to work on the students' pronunciation.

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