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 WarmupRiddles Away




DATE ADDED: Feb 21, 2008


  Small Classes (1-15 Students)ÒLarge Classes (16-39 Students)ÓHuge Classes (40+ Students)ÔBad/Misbehaved ClassesÕHandicapped ClassesÖ


10-30 min.


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BRIEF OUTLINE: Students try to understand the English riddles and solve the problems.


  1. Teachers can either read the riddle out loud or make a worksheet for students. It's best to explain the riddle to students in simple English so that students understand the riddle before they go about trying to solve it. Allow students to work with each other to solve the riddles.
  2. Riddles:
    • What has two hands and a face, but no arms or legs?  (A clock)
    • What can be measured, but has no length, width or thickness?  (Time)
    • What doesn’t ask questions, but needs to be answered?  (A telephone)
    • When is 12 + 1 not 13?  (On a clock)
    • Where can you find the largest diamond in the world?  (A baseball field)
    • Two fathers and two sons went fishing. Each fisherman caught a fish, yet only three fish were caught. How is this possible?  (3 people - grandfather, father and son)
    • The father and the son were in a car accident. By the time the police got to the scene, the father was dead but the son was still alive. The son was taken to the hospital and into ER. The surgeon came into the room and took a look at the boy. The surgeon then said, “I can’t operate the boy. He’s my son.” How is that possible?  (The surgeon is the mother)
    • How do you spell “mousetrap” with only three letters?  (Cat)
    • What begins with “T,” ends with “T,” and is full of “T?”  (Teapot)
    • You have two raw eggs and you must cross the bridge before it collapses. The bridge can only hold your weight and one egg. You only have time to cross the bridge once before it collapses. How can you do so that you can cross the bridge with two eggs, unbroken?  (A: Juggle it across the bridge)
    • The farmer has a fox, goose and a sack of hay. The farmer needs to get across the river but he only has a small boat. The boat can only take him and one another animal/ thing. Here are the rules: the fox can’t be left alone with the goose because the fox will eat the goose. The goose can’t be left alone with the hays because the goose will eat the hays. What should the farmer do to cross the river with the fox, goose and hays unharmed? (A: Cross the river with the goose. Leave the goose and come back to pick up the fox. Then cross the river, drop off the fox and take the goose back with you. Then leave the goose and cross the river with the sack of hay. Then come back for the goose.

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